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Hello and a very warm welcome to the CosiNet Codeplex! Read on below to find out what CosiNet is and what we are working on...

What is CosiNet?

CosiNet is an open source implementation of the COSIL Specification in the form of a .net library that can be hooked and used to easily create your own COSIL VM. CosiNet includes SCALP - Simple Cosil Assembler Library Packages to compile COSIL Assembler down into COSIL bytecode.

Further Reading - For the full specification and more about what COSIL is read this: What is COSIL?

It's free and open source, why?

Because the specification itself is free and open source so we saw no reason why an implementation of the standard shouldn't be either. It is also because I strongly believe in the cause of free and open source software to help better the world.

Sounds great, can I help out?

Yes, we require a loyal C# developer with WinForms experience to help build our IDE "Phosphorus". They must be prepared to make their first commit within 2 weeks to prove they will actually work on the project. Contact is maintained through the Discussion board above, which also serves to keep things transparent.

When can I download it?

You can download the source now. But if you want to wait for a compiled version then you'll have to wait until the current implementation is mostly stable before it will be posted. But do check back soon for news on the project which will be displayed below!

Project News

CosiNet now on ohloh (25/07/2013)

We're now on ohloh at, feel free to come on over and stare at the stats

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