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This page was created to track our progress to fully adhering to the COSIL specification and it's Standard API.


Commands covered in the core specification

Command Name Opcode Status
Move - MOV 0x01 Supported
Move (Memory) - MOM 0x3A Supported
Move (Memory) - MOE 0x3B Supported in Source
Swap - SWP 0x02 Not Supported
Test if equal - TEQ 0x1B Not Supported
Test if not equal - TNE 0x1C Not Supported
Test if less than - TLT 0x1D Not Supported
Test if greater than - TGT 0x1E Not Supported
Add - ADD 0x04 Supported in Source
Subtract - SUB 0x05 Not Supported
Increment - INC 0x08 Not Supported
Decrement - DEC 0x09 Not Supported
Multiply - MUL 0x30 Not Supported
Divide - DIV 0x31 Not Supported
Shift Left - SHL 0x06 Not Supported
Shift Right - SHR 0x07 Not Supported
Rotate Right - ROR 0x0F Not Supported
Rotate Left - ROL 0x0E Not Supported
Bitwise And - AND 0x0A Not Supported
Bitwise Or - BOR 0x0B Not Supported
Bitwise Xor - XOR 0x0C Not Supported
Bitwise Not - NOT 0x0D Not Supported
Jump - JMP 0x10 Supported
Call - CLL 0x11 Supported
Return - RET 0x12 Supported
Jump if true - JMT 0x13 Not Supported
Jump if false - JMF 0x14 Not Supported
Call if true - CLT 0x17 Not Supported
Call if false - CLF 0x18 Not Supported
Push - PSH 0x20 Not Supported
Pop - POP 0x21 Not Supported
IO Functions 0x24 - 0x29 COSMOS Version Only
Software Interrupt - SWI 0x2A Not Supported
Kernel Interrupt - KEI 0x2B Supported - for API functions see below

stdlib (CosiNet)

Command Name KEI Para Method Code (if applicable) Status
Write to stdout (char) 0x01 0x01 Supported
Write to stdout (string) 0x01 0x02 Supported
Read from stdin (char) 0x01 0x03 Supported in Source
Read from stdin (string) 0x01 0x04 Supported in Source


All commands in the specification are supported. If you encounter issues please report them in the issue tracker above.

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